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  • Product Name: 15.6 inch portable monitor connect with PSP Tablet PC and phone
  • Product Number: ID-PD1506B
  • Weight: 0.00g
  • Views : 72

*Display screen:16:9 15.6inch full view
*Color range:NTSC=72%
*Extend:support Type-C One-Line Video and Audio Output
*Show on same screen:Supporting PC display on the same screen
*Support:Premium smartphone with Type-C output port
*Support:Multi-screen display of  notebook and desktop computer
*Support:Connect with PSP by HDMI
*Port:full function Type-C port,HDMI port
*Bulit-in speaker:with 2.0 soundtrack 8Ω 1W*2 Stereo
*Support phone:Examples of partial support models(Premium smartphone with Type-C output port)
Huawei:Mate10、Mate10 Pro、Mate20、Mate20 Pro、Mate20 X、P20、P20 Pro、Honor Note10
OPPO:R17 Pro
*Support notebook:
APPLE:MacBook 12 inch、MacBook Pro、MacBook Air、iPad Pro 2018
XIAOMI:Air 12.5/13.3 inch、Pro15.6 inch、Xiaomi game notebook
ASUS:Deluxe3、U306、U321 series 、U4100、ROG series
LENOVO:Yoga5 Pro、ThinkPad_Xl Carbon 2017、Miix 720
HP:Pavilion x2、EliteBook Folio G1 
RAZER:Blade/blade stealth version
Microsoft:Surface Book 2
*Standard accessories:HDMI cable,Type-C cable,Leather case,User manual,Color box
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